Towards the digitalization of Restaurant Business Process for Food Ordering in Nigeria Private University:The Design Perspective. A Study of Samuel Adegboyega University Edo State Nigeria

The use of information and Communication Technology (ICT) has improved a lot of businesses by Digitalizing their business processes. Traditional (manual) Ordering of food in a Restaurant in the University Environment has been in practice for long, which brought about piles of Challenges. Digitalizing the Restaurant business processes in Restaurant was the focus of this paper. In view of this, the system developed in this paper was able to solve the challenges of the existing ordering of Food in the restaurant. This paper has provided an overview Food Ordering system (FOS) and has provided a digital design for such system. It also discusses the advantages associated with integrating the system across the Restaurant Business. The FOS developed in this work, when fully implemented, will go a long way to addressing the problem faced by the restaurant management in the area of managing their customer’s food ordering, management of customer’s information and having quick access to information.

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